Grafikol features the personal works of Le Huu Phuoc, who had an architecture background, encompassing book publishing and digital photography focusing on Architecture, Landscape, Travel, and Macro. Photographic products include color prints (grayscale or halftone per request) on archival papers by a Lightjet laser printer via a commercial lab. Images can also be licensed for commercial uses.

All images are captured in RAW or NEF files to be carefully tweaked in Lightroom for greater creativity and image quality. I use full-frame Canon, Nikon cameras and pro-grade (Nikon G, Canon L) lenses.

Viewing Guide
It is highly recommended that the website mages are to be viewed on a calibrated digital monitor with HDMI connection out of direct light, preferably in a dark room. To achieve consistent and accurate display, adjust Contrast and Brightness on your monitor based on the grayscale bar below until you can see 4 distinct shades of rectangles.