I’ve created Google maps with useful information on travel, architecture, historic sites, and landscapes in Asia. Most of the locations have been accurately marked on the maps so you can use them in conjunction with the GPS-enabled Google Maps app on your smartphone to travel with ease even without a local guide; zoom in to get detailed satellite images and nearby places.
India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Kampuchea (Cambodia), Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, Laos, China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Bhutan, Mongolia, America, Buddhist sites in Asia, Ancient Roads in Asia


Nowadays many smartphones have GPS-tracking features, which when being used in conjunction with apps such as Google Maps can be an indispensable and saving alternative, if not a replacement, to electronic navigational devices in your cars. Over the years I have used my GPS-enabled Apple iPhone and Google-Maps app to travel around the world on my own without local guides; traditional printed maps are indeed obsolete! Here is the process:
1. Open a Google Maps account and create maps of your intended traveling destinations; all locations should be precisely marked (using Google Maps, Google Earth, Wikimapia) so they can be reached easier. You may also use my compiled Google maps of the countries above: Download a KML file of a country > Create a new Google map in your account > Import the KML file
2. Download Google Maps app to your phone
3. Turn on GPS in your phone (Settings > Privacy > Location Services: On > under Share My Location > Google Maps: While Using or Always)
4. Fully charged your phone before heading out and conserve power wisely; use flexible foldable solar panels and/or backpacks (PowerFilm, GeoData Systems Management, Voltaic Systems, Brunton) to charge your phone on the field if needed. Make sure to have electrical plug adapters compatible with local outlets.


5. WITHOUT mobile-Internet to access Google maps, you may still navigate around as the maps in some areas, especially America, are high-resolution enough when zoomed in.
6. WITH mobile-Internet from a local cellular phone company (it’s possible to buy a high-speed Internet/mobile phone plan in a foreign country), move the GPS blue dot to the location markers on the Google maps to arrive at your destinations. Even when losing signals or Google Maps interrupted, it’s still possible to GPS-navigate using Google Maps app though without the online maps.