Buddhist Architecture

Synopsis: The volume thoroughly examines the origins and principal types of Buddhist architecture in Asia primarily between the third century BCE-twelfth centuries CE with an emphasis on India. It aims to construct shared architectural traits and patterns alongwith the derivative relationships between Indian and Asian Buddhist monuments. It also discusses the historical antecedents in the Indus Civilization and the religious and philosophical foundations of the three schools of Buddhism and its founder, Buddha. Previously obscure topics such as Aniconic and Vajrayana (Tantric) architecture and the four holiest sites of Buddhism will also be covered in this comprehensive volume. The author further investigates the influences of Buddhist architecture upon Islamic, Christian, and Hindu architecture that have been overlooked by past scholars.

Formats: Paperback grayscale, digital

Details: 7.5” x 9.25” (191mm x 235mm), 344 pages, 113 b/w drawings, 48 grayscale photos, 5 maps

Published Date: April 2010

ISBN: 978098440430

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