Images can be licensed for commercial uses as royalty-free or rights-managed. See Copyrights for Licensed Images

Royalty-free License

Royalty-free license is for a single use and an unlimited timeline. File: JPG, 8-bit RGB.

  • 500 (long edge) x = $10
  • 1000 (long edge) x = $20
  • 2000 (long edge) x = $40
  • 4000 (long edge) x = $80
  • Full resolution = $130

Rights-managed License

Rights-managed license is for multiple uses and based on Circulation (number of viewers), Duration (length of the license), and Rights (exclusivity of the license; a higher fee guarantees an exclusive right to publish the image). File: JPG, 8-bit RGB. For price please Contact


Most images are captured RAW by finest full-frame cameras and lenses to be further tweaked in Lightroom without alterations of the original contents. The refined digital files are printed on the Lightjet laser printer for sharpest, 3-dimensional, and continuous tone from edge to edge. These are exhibition quality and truly digital prints since there is no ink involved in the process. Note that the images are printed using uncompressed TIF files (highest quality) compared to JPG images (lower quality) on this website, which are generally saved at lower quality for faster downloads. All prints will have between 0.5″-1.25″ white borders so that the image size will be slightly smaller; border size increases with print size. See Copyrights for Prints

  • 11″ x 14″ = $100
  • 16″ x 20″ = $120
  • 20″ x 24″ = $140
  • 24″ x 30″ = $160

* An image usually takes 2 days to print and depending on your location it can take between 7-14 days to deliver to you; ships worldwide including shipping and tax with free shipping for 2 or more prints. The package includes a purchase receipt with the date, title, and location of the image alongwith the photographer’s signature; you may request the signature to be signed on the white border or the back of the print.


purchase-form (PDF)

(1) Mail
Print the completed form above and send it along with your total payment to Contact. Pay by checks, money orders.

(2) Internet
Request the purchased images via email or the form above to lehphuoc03@gmail.com. Pay the total amount to
PayPal with/without an account (PayPal account: lehphuoc03@gmail.com).

* Digital images will be delivered via email with a PDF purchase receipt; delivery fees and applicable taxes included.


Contact and let Grafikol know you are returning the print; include your contact and a copy of the purchase receipt in the returned package.

  • 30 days return with a full refund for prints in new conditions.
  • Damaged items from Grafikol will be replaced at no charge.

No return for digital files.